Each of these individuals found their own way to lead, driving the San Joaquin Valley’s growth toward a more healthy future. These four individuals were driven enough to imagine a different way of doing things, and persistent enough to actually make it happen. Their stories can provide ideas for leadership in your own community. For more ideas on how to promote healthy neighborhoods, visit lgc.org.
Rank, CA's Fastest-Growing Regions
Million Residents
Square Miles

The San Joaquin Valley is on the rise.

Driven by dedicated community advocates, businesspeople, and civic leaders, the San Joaquin Valley is attracting new residents and promoting good health with freshly painted bike lanes, revitalized downtown neighborhoods, walkable streets, and nutritious food.

In partnership with Local Government Commission, they are sharing successes with one another and spreading what works to new communities. Taken together, these efforts are enhancing community health and giving all residents the opportunity to thrive locally.

Success Stories


Claudia Corchado

Youth advocate


Bob Smith

Councilmember, bike enthusiast


Avtar Nijjer-Sidhu

Food crusader


Craig Scharton

Pub owner, local booster

Thriving Locally

San Joaquin Valley leaders promoting healthy neighborhoods

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